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            The 48 Coolest Bathroom Tile Ideas and Designs You Need To Try

            The best way to set your space apart.

            bathroom with green door and floor tiles
            Anna Spiro Design

            The most exciting part of designing a bathroom is choosing which beautiful materials and colors you're going to spotlight. And that's where tiles come in. If you're planning a bathroom reno, you may be married to the idea of all-white and marble-everything, but hear us out before you commit. There's a place for bold, patterned tile in your life, and we think that's inside your shower. Or on your bathroom wall. Or maybe even your tub? You get the idea. And if you really want to stick with a white, light, and airy look or something more sleek and moody, we've got plenty of designer inspiration on this list of bathroom tile ideas for you, too.

            modern bathroom with tiles
            Ishka Designs
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            Vary Tile Styles

            When designing a minimalist and modern bathroom, stick to things like neutral tones. But keep things interesting and varied by layering tiles of different materials for different sections in the space, as Ishka Designs did in this luxe, nature-inspired bathroom.

            modern bathroom with green zellige tiles
            Romanek Design Studio
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            Reflect Your Surroundings

            This light-filled bathroom by Romanek Design Studio reflects the beauty of the surrounding environment, from the wood paneled sloped ceiling to the green zellige tiles. Aside from being calming and stylish, the wall-to-wall green tile floor means that basically everything in the room will hold up well when wet.

            NEW YORK, Amenia, Master Bathroom on second floor at Home of Britt and Damian Zunino
            Nils Schlebusch
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            Think Outside the Box

            Studio DB used marble hexagonal tiles to protect the hardwood floors in this open concept master bathroom. And while they serve a functional purpose, the partial coverage and angular shapes also make a unique and modern style statement.

            White, Room, Interior design, Furniture, Wall, Living room, Ceiling, Floor, Table, Home,
            Cameron Rupert Interiors
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            Consider Use Case

            The night sky-inspired floor tiles lay the perfect foundation for this whimsical children's bathroom designed by Cameron Rupert Interiors. With contrasting prints, playful motifs, and pops of red, it's a space both kids and adults can love.

            pink and purple bathroom
            ERIC PIASECKI
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            Combine Different Shapes

            Designer Corey Damen Jenkins knows how to have fun, especially when it comes to tile. The bubblegum pink subway tiles on the wall and the diamond, almost leaf-like motif on the floors of this bathroom are bursting with energy. The brass industrial-style fixtures and lighting add just enough contrast and the pop of pale purple paint is the cherry on top.

            Property, Room, Tile, Wall, Architecture, Interior design, House, Material property, Beige, Bathroom,
            Leanne Ford Interiors
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            Take it to the Top

            The white hexagonal ceiling tiles meet the stained wood shiplap to visually separate the shower and the sink area in this forward-thinking bathroom designed by Leanne Ford Interiors.

            justina blakeney bathroom
            David Tsay
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            Don't Forget About Storage

            The pattern—and a trio of niches—set off a jewel-like mirror in this tiled shower by Justina Blakeney. Keep storage top of mind but also have fun experimenting with pattern, color, and shape.

            formal bathroom with freestanding marble tub and tile floor
            Anna Spiro Design
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            Use It As a Starting Place

            Though the striking freestanding marble tub with Victorian, old-school fixtures is the clear focal point of this bathroom by Anna Spiro Design, the tile floors set the foundation for the entire space (plus, their worn finish and playful design make it feel more approachable and historic).

            Bathroom, White, Tap, Tile, Room, Wall, Floor, Interior design, Property, Sink,
            2Lg Studio
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            Mock a Material

            Who needs hardwood floors in the bathroom when you can have mock-wood tile floors? They're super easy to clean and they add a modern, cheeky edge. In this bathroom designed by 2LG Studio, the black tub frame complements the sharp black lines in the tiles nicely.

            blue bathroom cabinet with hidden vanity and orange mirror
            Gail Davis Design
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            Complement the Paint Color

            This hidden vanity in a Gail Davis–designed bathroom is such a fun surprise. The orange mirror picks up on the warmth of the curtains and wallpaper accents while the striped penny tile floor complements the navy paint.

            zellige bathroom tile ideas
            LAURE JOLIET
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            Match Your Tiles

            Featuring more shades of marigold than we knew existed, these zellige tiles bring so much personality to this bathroom designed by ETC.etera for Firehouse Hotel. Match your backsplash to your tiled floors and shower walls, for a similarly high-impact and cohesive aesthetic.

            bathroom ideas
            Sara Ligorria Tramp
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            Try Zellige Tiles

            The green marble shower and tub is the obvious winner in this Emily Henderson–designed bathroom, but the zellige tiles on the ground are the unsung heroes. The natural, handmade feel of the tiles speaks to the natural stone whereas classic subway tiles or a patterned mosaic might throw off the organic appeal.

            gray formal bathroom with silver and mirrored tiles
            Romanek Design Studio
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            Make It Sexy

            Bathroom design reaches peak sexiness in this one by Romanek Design Studio. The smokey mirrored tiles adorning the partition make it feel larger and exude an airy of mystery and intrigue. The silver zellige tiles enhance this mood even further.

            pink tile bathroom
            2LG Studios
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            Make It Monochrome

            Monochrome always looks cool and this 2LG Studios bathroom is no exception. Plus, sticking to a one-tone color scheme makes the entire design process a lot easier. We also love how they made the awkward corner into something awesome with a custom vanity and mirror.

            bathroom bathtub with tile statement wall
            Stephen Karlisch
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            Add Movement

            Dallas-based designer Jean Liu added tons of movement and textural intrigue with a statement wall of tiles. Since the tiles feature an intricate pattern, the grayscale color scheme maintains a sense of calm—a must for a bathroom.

            Furniture, Sink, Room, Bathroom cabinet, Yellow, Mirror, Interior design, Dresser, Table, Bathroom,
            Heidi Callier Design
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            Create Texture

            Between the orange penny tiles on wall, marble tiles on the floor, and bronze statement sconce, there's so much amazing texture in this Heidi Cailier–designed bathroom. The olive cabinets and brass accents round out the color story perfectly.

            bathroom tile ideas
            Felix Forest
            17 of 48
            Go Grayscale

            If you prefer minimalist color palettes but still appreciate a little personality shining through, take a cue from this modern bathroom designed by Arent & Pyke. The grayscale tiles create a mesmerizing graphic pattern without feeling visually chaotic.

            Bathroom, Blue, Room, Interior design, Tile, Property, Curtain, Floor, Wall, Home,
            Paul Costello
            18 of 48
            Go Halfsies

            Interior designer Shaun Smith's New Orleans home is a treasure trove of beautiful and clever design solutions. He worked around the retro tiled wall, choosing a blue color palette. Not only is it a good idea to keep wallpaper out of splashing range, but it can also cut your cost in half.

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            Treat It Like a Mosaic

            Penny tiles are great for creating patterns, as seen in this impactful black and white bathroom designed by Leanne Ford. She created a mosaic of stripes stretching from the walls to the floor.

            Green, Pattern, Tile, Wall, Design, Line, Architecture, Room, Font, Wallpaper,
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            Have Fun

            How incredible is this bathtub? Designed by Studio Life/Style, the contrasting shapes elevate the bathroom into a special oasis. Seriously, we could stare at this wall for hours.

            Room, Furniture, Wall, Cabinetry, Bathroom, Architecture, Chest of drawers, Interior design, Material property, Floor,
            Felix Forest
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            Go for Shine

            The shimmery gold details in this bathroom designed by Arent & Pyke pop against the dark gray grooved drawers and black sconces, while the clay-hued zellige tiles contribute a little shine but also ground the space.

            Tile, Bathroom, Room, Property, Interior design, Wall, Sink, Ceramic, Architecture, Tap,
            Tom Ferguson
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            Mix Your Tiles

            Pack some punch with contrasting tiles, eye-catching hardware, and fun accents. In this Arent & Pyke–designed bathroom, the white penny tiles play up the circle motif while the pink subway tiles add contrast.

            bathroom with seashell sconces and skirted vanity
            Tamsin Johnson Interiors
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            Set the Groundwork

            Tamsin Johnson balances modern and classic, gritty and sweet so well in this seaside powder room, which is perfectly encapsulated by the stone tile flooring. The two tones and classic layout are timeless while the cool grays tie in nicely with the concrete sink vanity and backsplash. The whimsical baby blue stripe wallpaper, seashell-motif sconces, and skirted vanity lighten the mood.

            Tile, Bathroom, Blue, Room, Floor, Shower curtain, Wall, Azure, Bathtub, Flooring,
            Regan Baker Design
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            Make a Statement Wall

            This master bathroom designed by Regan Baker Design is a showstopper, thanks to the entrancing statement wall. It's rich in both color and pattern, which helps give more depth to the otherwise bright white surfaces. The plant wall brings some life while the area rug adds warmth.

            Tile, Room, Property, Bathroom, Floor, Interior design, Door, Wall, Architecture, Ceramic,
            Dacian Groza
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            Make the Shower Pop

            If you opt for plain and simple floor tiles, go bold in the shower (or the other way around). Here, Heather Hilliard made a statement with geometric tiles on the walls and in the shower.

            Bathroom, Room, Property, Interior design, Tile, Floor, Bathtub, Building, House, Plumbing fixture,
            Studio DB
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            Stick to One Color Family

            In this bathroom designed by Studio DB, the neutral green colors and geometric tiles are the perfect fit for a kid-friendly space. They feel both timeless and youthful.

            bathroom subway tile idea for floor
            Nicole Franzen
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            Try Herringbone

            Though it sticks to a neutral color scheme, this bathroom is full of fun surprises and innovative design. The wooden tub, speckled wall tiles, and herringbone floor tiles walk the delicate line between gritty and sophisticated beautifully.

            Yellow, Tile, Wall, Product, Room, Shelf, Bathroom, Floor, Ceiling, Interior design,
            Hecker Guthrie
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            Be Colorful

            Double sinks are always a win, especially when they're as farmhouse chic as the ones in this space by Hecker Guthrie. The sunny yellow backsplash brightens everything up, too.

            creative bathroom tile ideas
            Felix Forest
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            Don't Repeat the Pattern

            A non-repeating tile pattern infuses this bathroom designed by Arent & Pyke with a surge of visual interest. The colors and shapes ensure enough consistency without looking matchy-matchy or formulaic.

            Bathtub, Bathroom, Tile, Room, Property, Wall, Floor, Interior design, Plumbing fixture, Architecture,
            Shannon McGrath
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            Accentuate High Ceilings

            Play up high ceilings with a backdrop of floor-to-ceiling tiles (they also bring so much more texture than paint). The single pearl-like sconce in this bathroom designed by Hecker Guthrie is a fun way to experiment and create new, interesting bathroom vignettes—plus, it breaks up the wall nicely.

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