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            10 Front Door Plant Ideas to Give Your Entrance Personality

            From flowers to ferns.

            Traditional Front Porch with Geraniums
            MarjeGetty Images

            The inside of your home is likely already decked out with houseplants that give your space personality, but guess what: Your front door deserves some plant love, too. Whether you've got a shady porch perfect for trailing English ivy, a sunny entrance that's just begging to be framed with cacti (or even some bright, bold petunias!), the right plants will breathe a little extra life into your home before you even step inside. These front door plant ideas will have you inspired to upgrade your entrance ASAP.

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            1 English Ivy
            Open front door during day-time
            pixedeliGetty Images

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            If you're looking for a trailing plant to frame your front door—whether you plan to hang it or let it trail upwards from a pot or a window box—English ivy is a great choice if you have a shady entrance, according to the Old Farmer's Almanac.

            2 Boxwood Topiary
            pixonautGetty Images

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            Keep it classic with a pair of boxwood topiaries. They can be short and bushy or tall and pruned to be more decorative (often you'll see them cut into spirals!). As a bonus, they're low-maintenance and do well in cold weather, too, according to Gardening Know How.

            3 Petunias
            Petunia flowers growing in flower pots on the wooden staircase outdoors
            DzuragGetty Images

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            If your front door gets a lot of sun, petunias are a colorful option that allow you to adorn your entrance with flowers. Put them in a window box, let them trail down from a hanging planter, or put them in pots around your door or even to line your steps.

            4 Umbrella Tree
            Schefflera (Brassaia arboricola) growing in pot
            GiorezGetty Images

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            According to Bloomscape, the umbrella tree (aka schefflera amate) prefers bright indirect light and warmer temperatures. You can prune it to the shape you want, but make sure you rotate it regularly since it grows toward the light—and take it indoors when temperatures start to drop.

            5 Bird of Paradise
            Strelitzia blooming in a pot
            DhoxaxGetty Images

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            Give your entrance a tropical vibe with a bird of paradise plant. They can grow in sun or shade, although if you get an orange bird of paradise, you'll want to put it in sun to really bring out the blooms, according to Costa Farms. If you live in an area that gets cold for winter, make sure you bring it inside before it gets too cold.

            6 Tradescantia Zebrina
            Tradescantia zebrina in glazed plant pot
            Clive NicholsGetty Images

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            This low-maintenance plant is another good trailing option and, according to the Old Farmer's Almanac, it's best for a shadier spot. But make sure it's not too shady, as Bloomscape notes its colorful stripes will fade without enough light.

            7 Citrus Tree
            Lemon tree
            sunaraGetty Images

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            No, you don't need a huge backyard to grow a lemon tree or an orange tree—you can actually grow a citrus tree right next to your front door (or even inside, if you wish!). Make sure it's a sunny, wind-protected spot, and bring it indoors for winter.

            8 Boston Fern
            patio with potted fern plants on both sides of staircase
            LCBallardGetty Images

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            Keep the soil on these dramatic ferns damp most of the time, and they'll thrive wherever you put them—indoors and outdoors—so long as they get enough shade, according to Costa Farms. These lush green plants will make a statement in standing planters around your door or hanging near your entrance.

            9 Wax Begonia
            Big flowerpot with begonia flowers on park
            SharafMaksumovGetty Images

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            Another stunning flowering option? Wax begonia, which blooms in pink, red, and white, is an adaptable plant that can handle partial sun or shade—just keep it out of full sun, according to Costa Farms. Plant them in an oversized pot or a window box, and they'll give your front door a striking pop of color.

            10 Cactus
            Blue textured wall with a cactus plant in a pot
            batdelfuego99Getty Images

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            If you're lucky to live in a hot, sunny climate, a cactus would do just great by your front door. They love the heat, and you don't have to water them very often, either. Just make sure you put them in a planter that has good drainage, per Costa Farms' suggestion.

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